March 9th 2014 All Jamboree Meeting

Sunday 9th March saw the Jamboree directors and Heads of Departments (HODs) gather at Skreens Park, Chelmsford for an interesting morning finding out all about some of the exciting plans for the Jamboree.


After a welcoming speech from the 2 Jamboree Chiefs Karen and Paul all the Jamboree departments took it in turns to announce some of their plans, team structures and also introduce members of their team to everyone.  Some things we know already are yes we have a Jamboree in 2016 and yes we are going back to Boyton Cross but all the other amazing secrets you will all find out over the next 2 years.  


Even the Peggy the Jamboree Peg got in to the meeting and had it’s photo taken with the TCO group. The TCOs are the young people who the Jamboree executive is consulting ideas with on the Jamboree. More about the TCOs will be announced at a later date.



Can you add colour to our Jamboree, we are currently recruiting for Heads of Departments and other similar roles, head to for more information.


Want to keep up to date with the Jamboree, remember to check out the website , like our facebook page and follow us on twitter

2014 Now it gets going

So 2014 is here and this is the year we start to get going, the exec have already been meeting monthly since September and directorates have also started to meet regularly.

Thanks to all that submitted their expressions of interest at the end of 2013, following this phase of recruitment we managed to recruit all of our Sub Camp leaders and nearly all of our Heads of Departments and other roles.

February sees us launch our next stage of recruitment; additional senior roles such as Heads of Departments will begin to appear on our recruitment page so head there for more information.

We are also starting to be active on our Facebook and Twitter channels, asking for your ideas on how to colour our Jamboree, what activities, theme ideas and more!

Keep an eye out for the EIJ2016 team at various events around the Essex Scout and Guide Counties to have your say, give us your thoughts and get involved.


Remember save the date 2016!

Can you add colour to our Jamboree


Continuing on the massive success of Essex International Jamboree 2012 the joint camp chiefs Paul and Karen along with the newly appointed Directors are currently looking for expressions of interest for Heads of Department and other senior roles within the different Directorates of the Jamboree. At this stage there are no role descriptions as we want to be open to any and all ideas that people might have and to skills and experiences they might bring to the event.

We welcome interest from previous volunteers as well as people who are completely new to Essex International Jamboree. Pre-event commitment will be required and location isn’t an issue. We welcome submissions from volunteers outside of Essex.

Are you unique or have experience and skills that the Jamboree could use then we would love to hear from you. 


Fore more information please visit 

Closing date for applications is 31st October 2013 


After the recent expressions of interest for Directors of the Jamboree, the Camp Chiefs are excited to announce who will be joining them to help shape and deliver the Essex International Jamboree 2016

Del Hales - Director of Facilities
James Howell - Director of Programme
Chris Dear - Director of Finance
Carole Davies - Director of Human Resources
Spencer Pardoe - Director of Safety
Martin Steers - Director of Communications
Jan Lyon – Registrar 

Karen & Paul would like to thank the numerous expressions of interest that they received for each role during the open expressions period back in March. The camp chiefs carefully considered each candidate before submitting names of the successful candidates  to the County Commissioners of the Essex Scout and Guide counties.

The next phase of recruitment sees the Directors looking for expressions of interest for Heads of Departments and other senior roles in each directorate.

Welcome to the Essex International Jamboree 2016

 A week of fun and freedom for international Scouts and Guides to meet together in Essex for an active and energetic programme of activities and opportunities.

The Essex International Jamboree is held every four years for the Scouts and Guides of Essex to experience the fun and challenge of living with a number of countries from around the world. The next Jamboree will run between the 30th July and 6th August 2016, and returns to Boyton Cross in Chelmsford to offer a whole week of activities and entertainment.

We are pleased to announce the Jamboree Chiefs for this event will be Karen Packer and Paul Walker. Both Karen and Paul worked as Deputy Chiefs for the 2012 event and are excited about taking on this joint role. "This is a great opportunity to extend the already strong links between Guiding and Scouting in Essex as we prepare for another week of international fun and friendship." commented Karen after the appointments had been made. "We are keen to impart the spirit of Scouting and Guiding throughout the 2016 Jamboree" added Paul.

Karen and Paul

Don't forget that if you'd like to relive the last event you can visit the Essex International Jamboree 2012 HERE

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